Tabelz Portable Laptop Stand

Tabelz Portable Laptop Stands are designed to meet the demands of commercial and industrial users.  No one size fits all laptop stand here.   We offer 3 Primary Table sizes, 4 tripod options and a host of useful accessories allowing each customer to create the best fit for both laptop and user.

Although designed for commercial use, the styling and versatility make Tabelz products perfect for use on stage, in the studio, in the office or at home.  Whether sitting or standing, the Tabelz Portable Laptop Stand can be adjusted for optimum ergonomic comfort.   The perfect solution for any notebook computer user in any industry.

Custom Design

Need custom laptop stands for your company?   Don't see a size, shape or color that meets your needs?   Need laptop stands for a specific laptop, department or application?   Our corporate design team can create custom laptop stands in your choice of several colors. Contact us at 1-800-535-1596 or email